Friday, October 13, 2017

Friday, October 13th

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  1. Spanish A:
    Complete Spelling U1L1: activity --> also

    French A:
    1. Finish Avoir Practice (if not done in class)
    2. Memorize Avoir for Quiz Monday

  2. READ/LOG if you have fallen behind this week

  3. Freaky Friday!!
    Thank you for being patient as Ms. Luginbuhl and I switched classes for the day so I could assist her students.

    Operations with Decimals and Fractions Mini Quiz on Monday
    Due Monday **Operations with Decimals and Fractions NOTES packet (this is what we have been working on in class for the past two weeks)
    **The math packet you were given in class today by Mrs. Luginbuhl will NOT be collected. HOWEVER, it is a great way to study and prepare for your quiz.

    IXL's 8F14 and 8F19 (10 correct each)

  4. Cell Projects Due Monday October 23
    --Worth a Test Grade
    --In class work days Oct 16, 17, 18 and 19
    --Get all needed materials this weekend and bring them to school on Monday


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