Thursday, October 5, 2017

Thursday, October 5th

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  1. Spanish A:
    Review All Areas of Weakness

    French A:
    1. Complete Cahier V & G Pg. 8
    2. Complete Pronunciation Practice #8

  2. -Study for SPELLING UNIT 4 MANU/BAD
    -Swear to Howdy Common Craft presentations tomorrow!!!

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  4. Note-Taking Practice
    1. Use your textbook and pick a country.
    2. Create 3 subtopics of the Country
    3. Practice Note-taking with the book- Complete the all 3 Index Card using the strategies we learned in class today. Use page 4 of your notebook to guide you as well.

  5. Spelling and Vocabulary quiz tomorrow
    Read for 15-20 minutes, log pages, signed bookmark due tomorrow

  6. CER and the Cell Theory paragraph due in google classroom Weds Oct 11 by 7:30am.

  7. Math:
    (Students had a full class period today and a half a period yesterday to work on all of these items, anything that is not finished needs to be finished at home tonight)
    -Quiz Corrections
    -Multiplying and Dividing Decimals WS
    -Missing work
    - Mappers Week 3 Practice (in Showbie)

    - Bring your headphones for class tomorrow
    - Exponent Mini-Quiz on Friday 10/6
    - Mappers Week 3 Practice (in Showbie)


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