Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Tuesday, October 17th

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  1. Spanish A:
    1. Finish Class Work
    2. Complete Writing U1L1: A & C

    French A:
    Finish Avoir & Negative Review

  2. -Complete Casey at the Bat poem ending

  3. 1. Finish Ch. 16 Sec. 1 Guided Reading Worksheet if you did not finish in class.
    2. Study Page 5 of Notebook. Quiz on Thursday 10/19

  4. Cell Project Due Monday Oct 23
    --In class work days Oct 17, 18 & 19
    --Worth a test grade

  5. Math:
    - IXL's 7B2 and 7A10 (10 correct each)
    - Mappers Week 4 (in Showbie) Due Thursday
    - Number System Unit Test Tuesday 10/24, Study Tracker Due the same day

    - IXL 8F16 (10 correct)
    - Khan Academy: Approximating Square Roots
    - Mappers Week 4 (in Showbie) Due Thursday

  6. Using your Chromebook, Research "Bull-fighting" and "The Running of the bulls". These are 2 forms of entertainment in Spain, and controversial. Explain what takes place during "Bull-fighting", what happens at the end, why it is controversial, and what your personal opinion is and why.
    Then, explain what happens during the "Running of the Bulls", the original purpose of this activity, why it is controversial, and state your personal opinion and why. Be persuasive.
    Write at least 1/2 page in your Spanish notebook. Due Thursday.


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