Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Wednesday, October 11th

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  1. Spanish A:
    1. Complete Quizlet Practice U1L1
    2. Complete Spelling U1L1: to talk on the phone --> to work

    French A:
    Complete Cahier V & G Pg. 10ish

  2. -No spelling...SCRABBLE Friday
    -Swear to Howdy Common Craft presentations viewed by Friday

  3. Double check you have all your citation information to complete the group work cited page tomorrow.

  4. -No spelling/vocab this week
    -Read for 15-20 minutes, log pages

  5. Worksheet on Spanish-speaking countries: Using your Chromebook, find their capitals. Due Friday.
    Quiz on Tuesday on Spanish-speaking countries and their geographical location.

  6. Math:
    - IXL 7G1 (15 correct) Due Thursday
    - Finish Classwork (Textbook Pg 287 #1-8 and Pg 295 #1-11)
    - Operations with Decimals and Fractions Mini-Quiz Monday 10/6
    - No Mappers Weekly Practice, Challenge 1/2 page Practice Due Fri (good time to catch up if you are behind on Mappers)

    - IXL 8G3 and 8G4 (10 correct each)
    - Exponents Quiz Corrections Due Thursday
    - No Mappers Weekly Practice, Challenge Practice in Showbie Due Fri (good time to catch up if you are behind on Mappers)

  7. Complete the cell and its parts in google classroom


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