Monday, November 27, 2017

Monday, November 27th

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  1. Spanish A:
    Complete Leer B & C

    French A:
    Review Grammar from Class & All Vocab.

  2. -Spelling Pages Unit 8-ASTR/STELL=STAR
    -Paragraphs of the Week-Wondoropolis/ReadWorks due by Friday

  3. 1.) Notebook Check on Weds 11/29. Organize notebook and table of contents should have 21 pages filled out.
    2.) Quiz Thurs 11/30 on Nervous System. Pages 20 & 21 in the notebook and pages 190-194 in the textbook.

  4. Math and Pre-Al:
    Angles and 3-D Quiz Corrections Due Wed

    Career and Mathematics Poster Project Deadlines
    Due Wednesday, Dec 6 - Research
    Due Wednesday, Dec 13 - Typed Descriptions and Citations
    Due Wednesday, Dec 20 - Final Poster

  5. Write a 1/2 page essay in Spanish describing your Thanksgiving holiday. Use the notes from today's class and Thanksgiving dinner vocabulary from last Tuesday's class to help you. You may use your Chromebook to look up words that are not in your notes. Please do assignment in your Spanish notebook. Due Wednesday, 29/11/17.


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