Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Tuesday, March 6th

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  1. -Spelling Pages Unit 15-JECT/JET=THROW (THURSDAY)
    -Complete Music as Poetry (Google Slides) DUE FRIDAY
    -Continue My Side of the Mountain LISTEN ALOUD
    -SSR/READ/LOG (20 minutes)

    Quarter 3 began on 1/29; ends on 4/3
    Quarter 4 begins on 4/4; ends on 6/18

  2. -"Monday Homework" of spelling page due tomorrow
    -Read for 15-20 minutes, log pages, due signed Friday
    -Spelling quiz Friday

  3. Pre-AL:
    IXL 8K11 (10 correct) Due Friday 3/9
    Percents Quiz Monday 3/12
    Study Tracker Due Mon 3/12

    Textbook Page 171 #1-8 Due Wednesday
    Percents Quiz Tuesday 3/13
    Study Tracker Due Tues 3/13

  4. Art: Sketchbook Assignment #2- Tube drawing will be due on Friday, March 9th. All students were asked to bring this home and work on this in the event that school is canceled due to the impending weather forecast.

  5. Spanish A:
    1. Memorize Estar
    2. Finish Getting Pronunciations of U2L2 Vocabulary

    French A:
    1. Complete Page 87 #20
    2. Fix & Spiff Up Cahier A Pg. 21-22 #2,3,4,6

  6. Check Power School for Missing Work


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